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RegHunter is an app that allows you to fix PC errors, crashes and freezes
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As time passes by and your computer gets older, errors, crashes and freezes also become more frequent. A decrease in the performance level and speed of your system is also more obvious than ever before. The main causes for these problems are issues with the Windows Registry, and the accumulation of junk data on your drives. RegHunter is a handy program that takes care of both the Windows Registry and the unneeded junk data on your computer, eventually making your speed perform better and faster, like it is new again.

RegHunter is a neat application that will quickly scan your system for registry errors, accurately detect them, and then offer to fix them. The fixing basically consists of removing junk registry entries that are no longer needed and uselessly clatter the registry decreasing its efficiency.

RegHunter will also perform additional system optimization tasks such as defragmenting the registry, defragmenting the drives, removing unneeded junk files like old log files and backups, and so on.

Some handy additional features are included as well. For example, RegHunter also lets you shred files and permanently delete them from your system, beyond recovery, or find and delete duplicate files.

Despite being rather powerful and comprehensive, this nice program is also very simple and easy to use. Its interface is intuitive and can be used with ease even by complete beginners.

In conclusion, RegHunter is a cool tool that offers a convenient and reliable solution to optimize your system, clean the registry, and improve your computer's speed and performance level.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Also includes a file shredder.
  • Supports duplicate file scanning


  • The interface cannot be customized
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