A tool for optimizing and enhancing the critical areas of your operating system
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RegHunter offers you a set of practical tools to optimize and enhance the critical areas of your operating system so that it becomes as fast, stable and smooth as possible. The first time you run the program, it automatically performs a registry analysis and shows you a report of all the detected errors and imperfections, then you can get them all repaired with just a couple of clicks.

All the tools offered by the program are right at hand thanks to the collapsible menu located at the left side of its main window. The available options in this menu are "Registry Scanner", "Optimization", "Duplicate File Scan", "File Shredder", "Utilities" and "Backups". As you can see, all of them are quite self-descriptive so that most PC users will be able to benefit from the tools without difficulties. Some of the options, however, offer different sub-options you can choose from, like "Registry Scanner" which allows you to perform a complete scan analysis and repair with one click, or to perform a customized scan by selecting the areas to be analyzed or by excluding any registry paths from the analysis.

Other options of the menu display sub-menus with shortcuts to multiple included tools. This is the case of the "Optimization" entry, which offers you access to tools like the registry defragmenter, the disk defragmenter, the remote desktop cache remover and the Windows event logs remover, among others. The "Utilities" entry of the menu, on the other hand, includes a start-up analyzer, a services manager, a task scheduler, a print monitor manager, an active processes manager and other tools. A very interesting one present on this section of the program is the "Registry Monitor", which logs and lists all the changes made to your registry by any program and allows you to reverse them quickly and easily. I've also got to mention the "Backups" entry of the program's menu, which offers you a really easy way to create and manage system restore points and registry backups.

In general terms, I would say that RegHunter offers a very complete and practical set of tools to optimize all the key areas of your system, to keep it running just like the first day. Unfortunately, it's impossible to test the effectiveness of all the provided tools through the trial version of the program, as many of them just perform an analysis but ask you to buy the license and register the program to actually proceed with their corresponding repair operations.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Performs a complete or customized registry scan and repair
  • Defragments your registry and hard disks
  • Removes Windows' unnecessary event logs
  • Helps you enable or disable the automatic start-up programs
  • Keeps detailed track to all the changes made to your registry
  • Creates and manages registry backups
  • Creates and manages system restore points


  • Doesn't allow you to truly evaluate all its functions through the trial version
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